Emily Tellvik

The thing about any sort of secret is that it keeps us trapped. We will always tell ourselves the worst story so if we keep our secrets locked up inside, and we’re the only ones talking to ourselves about them... there’s nothing good there.

Sara Heredia

In my mind I wasn’t stealing them, I wasn’t buying them off the street... I wasn’t a drug addict.

Paul Senescall

On the outside, those material things that people see, like ‘he’s got it all together…’ they didn’t know I was drinking a 5th a night just to deal with my own shame and my own guilt.

Nichole Mischke

Owning the whole truth of YOUR story… it can be terrifying. And sometimes, giving up can actually seem like a better option than letting even a single person know.

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Nichole Mischke is on a mission to UNCOVER stories of shame and struggle so people can be set free from the toxic lies shame tells us all. As a journalist who expected to spend her career working in television news, Nichole has always had a passion to share OTHER people's stories. However, it took finding the courage to share her OWN story to really bring to her attention the healing power that comes when we own and share our truth, especially the parts shame tells us to hide. 


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