Paul appeared to have it all on the outside: Incredible athlete, admired by his peers, full ride scholarship to play Division 1 football at the University of Idaho, a beautiful wife, a healthy little boy and a wonderful home in a safe neighborhood. But what no one knew was how the guilt from a family tragedy took him down a dark road with a secret addiction. He was trapped in a cloud of darkness that almost cost him his own life. Paul’s story, along with his wife Becky Senescall, is a story of hope and redemption and it’s proof that all of us can not only be courageous enough to ask for help when we need it, it’s also proof that healing, even from our darkest struggle is possible.

paul's story


This is the story of Steven Herevia. But it’s also the story of so many others. Growing up in the Christian church and also being a pastor’s kid, Steven heard the message loud & clear: “It is not okay to be gay!” Although he knew where his parents stood on the topic of homosexuality, he was struggling to reconcile the truth in himself. He desperately wanted someone to tell him: “It’s okay. We love you just the way you are.” When he finally decided to come out to his parents at age 15, his dad beat him and his parents cut off communication with him.

steven's story


Amanda Hiebert only has a handful of people in her life who know her battle with severe anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. Her symptoms ranged from fear of contamination, order and perfect symmetry, religious ideas and uncontrollable thoughts about harming herself or others. For the first time she is uncovering her story in hopes that it might help someone else and bring about a fullness of healing she hasn’t known before. 

amanda's story


“HEALING IS POSSIBLE” – That is Melissa Ann McDaniel’s biggest message to sexual assault survivors. She is all too familiar with the shame, guilt, silence, breakdowns and struggles to have healthy relationships that followed after being sexually assaulted when she was 20-years-old. Even though her rational mind knew what happened was not her fault… she blamed herself. For years she was really great at hiding behind her masks of perfection, terrified to let others see how much she was hurting

melissa's story


Having her innocence stolen from her, Emily grew up believing she was more broken than everyone else around her. Silenced by her shame, she carried the burden of her secret until she no longer could bear the pain on her own.

emily's story


To look in the mirror and realize you don't even know who are you are anymore... that's a hard pill to swallow. And for Sara Heredia, who had lifelong career aspirations to be in the Navy, it was actually pills swallowed, (every single one of them prescribed by a doctor) that brought her to her lowest point. Sara's story uncovers the shame hundreds of thousands are suffering from in silence: Prescription Pain Med Addiction. 

Sara's story



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