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UNCOVERED is a storytelling platform created to share stories of shame. The platform was founded by Nichole Mischke, a former news reporter/anchor who left the news industry after uncovering a shameful secret she once thought she’d take to the grave with her.

Nichole battled bulimia in secret for almost 10 years. At her worst she was binging and purging 15 times a day, she stole food, & even maxed out a $5,000 credit card she used to secretly for food. She felt like her life was so out of control, nothing would ever be able to help her. After finding healing from her struggle, she knew she needed to come clean with her story... even the most shameful parts.

Uncovering her story ended up being the most transformative experience.

Nichole now wants to give others the same gift she received:
1.) The opportunity to have their story heard
2.) The chance to finally know what it means to fully love yourself and to let others fully love you, even for the things you think make you unlovable

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