“HEALING IS POSSIBLE” – That is Melissa Ann McDaniel’s biggest message to sexual assault survivors. She is all too familiar with the shame, guilt, silence, breakdowns and struggles to have healthy relationships that followed after being sexually assaulted when she was 20-years-old. Even though her rational mind knew what happened was not her fault… she blamed herself. For years she was really great at hiding behind her masks of perfection, terrified to let others see how much she was hurting. She was desperate to find another woman she could see herself in… someone who was open, not just about what happened to them but also open about how the scars from the trauma impacted their daily life behind closed doors. Melissa’s book “Who Will Love Me: A Holistic Approach to Building Meaningful Relationships After Sexual Assault” will hit bookstore shelves in July of 2020.


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“If you do not see her, you have to be her” – A journey to healing after sexual assault



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